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By | March 6, 2021

A disconnected printer indicates a stand-up message www.123.hp.com ‘’printer offline” on the PC and as a result, the printer is unable to print. A disconnected status demonstrates that the PC isn’t able to speak with the printer. In some system conditions, the printer may go offline abruptly.


For a connectivity check: Utilizing the HP Print and Scan Doctor

Use 123.hp.com HP Printer and Scan Doctor to automatically fix several sorts of problems in Windows 8 or 10, which could cause the printer offline error.

Make sure that:

The printer is turned on

Has paper installed

Is connected to your computer

Cable connectivity to the printer then so the computer if you’re using a USB cable

Connection of the cable to the printer and your network router or hub if you’re using a network cable

The wireless light or wireless symbol on the www.123.hp.com/setup printer is on and not blinking within the case of a wireless connection

To turn on the wireless connection, press the wireless button on the printer’s tool panel

Now, download and run HP Print and Scan Doctor on your computer (this is additionally the pc you would like to print from)

The HP Print and Scan Doctor is downloaded when this link is clicked, using your Internet browser’s download capabilities

To open the software, double-click the HP Print and Scan Doctor icon on the Windows desktop if Print and Scan Doctor doesn’t open automatically

On the Welcome screen click Start

Select your 123.hp.com/setup printer

Click on Next

Click on your connection type

Respond to the knowledge provided if a screen displays with the Selected product isn’t connected

After finishing all of the actions displayed on the screen if the printer remains offline then:

Close the HP Print and Scan Doctor window

In the next step Click on Fix Printing

Wait until the screen updates with some new information

Respond to any action that’s required after reviewing the information on the screen

Click Test Print

If a test page prints:

Close the 123 hp com setup HP Print and Scan Doctor software

If a test page doesn’t print do the following steps to put in any additional updates:

Click No Print

Click Continue

Click Restart Computer

Set the default printer and pause printing if the printer continues to movable offline. Call us at 1–800–673–8163 for help regarding HP Printer offline problem.

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