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How to Install Printer Software on HP LaserJet Printers

How to Install Printer Software on HP LaserJet

At the present time, printers have quickly become a must-have home or office device. Also, their installation has been considerably streamlined over the years. While we can install most of the printers automatically, but adding the HP printer to a network or sharing the printer with other users can still be a tricky part. Once you become familiar with the steps to Install Printer Software on HP LaserJet Printers then you can access your printer very easily. To know more about this, you can contact HP Printer Customer Support Number at the comfort of your home and know the proper steps to Install Printer Driver and Software.

How to Install Printer Software on HP LaserJet Printers

However, sometimes you may found some difficulty while installing the printer software, installation stops without any prior notice or displaying a message. To resolve this, we have discussed some troubleshooting steps that can eliminate whatever queries you face while installing printer software on HP LaserJet printers.

In this Blog, We are going to share about How to Install Printer Software on HP LaserJet Printers. We have shared complete information in a way so that it becomes easy to use and sort related queries. If still, you face any difficulties while doing that, Please speak with experts and Contact HP Printer Helpline Number on +1-800-673-8163.

What is the Troubleshooting Steps to Install Printer Software:

Restart your computer

  • Try restarting your computer, so as to restarts the print spooler service.

Ensure the print spooler service is running

  • The print spooler service temporarily store files in a print queue that are needed to be printed. It also doles them out when the printer is prepared to process each print job.
  • If the print spooler service is not working when you attempt to install the printer software, then it can cause some installation problems. At this time, the software installer program stops devoid of any error message or warning.

Restart the Print Spooler

  • Look for view local services in the windows’ search panel and then in the list of results, click on the View local services control panel setting.
  • Find the Print Spooler service, and then ensure to set the print spooler status started.
  • If the print spooler service gets started, then skip the rest of the step to install the printer software mentioned below. And if not started then continue towards the next step.
  • Right-click on the print spooler, after that tap on Properties.
  • If the type of startup is set to manual or disabled then click on the drop-down list.
  • After that, click on automatic and then tap on apply.
  • Click on start under the service status and then click ok.
  • Next, you need to restart the computer and continue with the next step.

Steps to Install Printer Software

  • You can install the printer software from the CD that comes with every printer.
  • If installing from CD failed then download and install the software from
  • Double-click on the driver file that is present in the browser downloads bar or in the Downloads folder to start the installation process.
  • In order to complete the connection setup and installation of driver, follow the on-screen instructions carefully.
  • After that, you need to return to the page to complete the registration and activation of printer.

We hope, after trying these simple steps, you will be able to install Printer Software on HP LaserJet Printers. If not, then no need to worry as HP Support Contact Number is available all day and night. Here, you can meet deft engineers who will surely assist you in resolving your issues in an efficient manner.

How to Install Printer Software on HP LaserJet Printers

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