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By | August 19, 2020

It tends to be very disappointing when your just concludes that it won’t print in dark any longer. You end up confronting a cutoff time at work and your printer just declines to corporate with you. The circumstance is more critical on the grounds that the printer is a mind boggling bit of PC equipment and individuals regularly get anxious with regards to fixing it since they don’t appear to see how to investigate the printer when it doesn’t take any dark printouts. Ordinarily the principal thing you may is to call the HP Printer Technical Support Number 1-800-673-8163 and look for help from a specialist. Then again, you may likewise attempt to look into the answer for the mistake utilizing Google, which most likely how you ran over this article in any case. All things considered, you are in karma, this article won’t just give you a short understanding into why your HP Printer Won’t Print Black yet in addition give you some straightforward proposals you can attempt to investigate the difficult yourself.


Much of the time, it is never only one explanation that causes this issue but instead a mix of elements. In any case, you can utilize the proposals offered beneath to check whether you can fathom the issue and resume your printing undertakings:


Stage 1: Save every one of your information and mood killer your HP Printer. Expel the link from the HP power source and take out the USB link from the printer.

Stage 2: Go to the  Printer show screen and print a Quality Diagnostic Report to assist you with recognizing print quality issues.

Stage 3: You ought to likewise make sure to check the printer ink levels and the ink volume in your cartridges to ensure it satisfies the necessary guidelines.


Stage 1: Remove and supplant any ink cartridge if the ink is less or void

Stage 2: Refer to the manual to check if the ink cartridges are appropriately introduced

Stage 3: Carefully take out the tape over the vent of the as of late introduced cartridge

Stage 4: Ensure the vents of the cartridges are not obstructed.

Stage 5: If there is an obstruct go through a pin to clean the vents

Stage 6: If this doesn’t work you can utilize distinctive ink cartridge to see your Printer can remember it.


On the off chance that the above techniques couldn’t Fix www.123.hp com/setup not printing dark significantly after you have supplanted it with new ink cartridges you ought to allude to the client manual and adhere to the directions to check the printheads. Whenever required you ought to supplant the printheads too.

On the off chance that the arrangements are given in this article don’t resolve the issues and your 123 hp com setup despite everything doesn’t print in dark the best thing is call the HP Printer and request extra specialized help to fix the issue.

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